28 March 2019

Lillian & Ermintrude

My kitchen's current residents are certainly an adorable pair.

The oldest is speckle-faced Lily, born on Saturday 16th March. She and her brother, who sadly didn't make it, were absolutely tiny. Lambs so small have a slim chance of survival, and to add to their difficulty their mother decided she didn't want the both of them. After a couple of rough days Lily recovered and she's now thriving, bouncing around the kitchen like a lamb on a pogo stick.

We spent a few days thinking that Lily was the smallest a lamb could get, and then Minty arrived on 21st March. Minty's mum is my favourite pedigree Cheviot, who's only a hogget herself. We found her in the field with a freshly lambed Minty and no milk and knew we had to take this one straight into the kitchen. Minty didn't take long to settle in and is now thriving alongside her best friend Lily.

Minty is so small she makes Lily look huge!

The two lambs are inseparable, you can't have one without the other. When the time comes for them to go out to the shed I will miss having them in the kitchen. They're very good house guests!

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