27 March 2019

One More Beach Day

Just before the lambing kicked off and took up most of my time, I took Sue out for one more seaside adventure.

It looked beautiful, but the wind was biting.

The tide was out so we decided to wander out to sea.

It pretty rocky the closer we got to the sea, so rather than twist my ankle on a pebble, we returned to the promenade like the land lubbers we are.

Sue on the bridge.

It was well past lunchtime so I got some fish and chips. Sue has come a long way and didn't try to steal it.

I have come a long way too and I only cut off a piece of the fish before I remembered that I wanted to photograph it. It tasted as good as it looked.

On either side of us were people with dogs who were barking at each other. In the middle was us two. I was proud of Sue for not joining in the argument, instead folding herself in under the table.

The advantage of a seaside town is that you don't have to walk far to find ice cream. This is one of my favourite places to get ice cream, and this time I went for my current favourite: the banoffee crêpe. It wouldn't be me if I hadn't started eating it before taking the picture first...

Once again Sue was a very good girl.

We had a lovely last day out. After lambing there will hopefully be a little more time for adventures.

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