26 March 2019

Heather in Hot Pink

I have started to give each of the hoggets a bit of individual attention. First out of the field was Heather. I gave her bottom and trim and attempted to give her a brush as well to get rid of some of the whin thorns out of her fleece which was a waste of time really, and I soon gave up on that. All of the hoggets are prone to thorns but Heather seems to roll in them or something! I should have called her Whin.

After her spring clean, Heather went for a little walk in a pretty pink halter.

The sun was shining when I had started working with Heather, but by the time the camera had come out the fog was starting to come down.

It was one of those magical moments when the lighting conditions are just perfect.

Heather liked nibbling on the daffodils.

Such a beautiful evening.

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