24 March 2019

Shirley and Maggie and Their Lambs

Shirley had twins! I am so pleased. Last year she had a dead ewe lamb and she was clearly upset about it, pining for a few days. Now she has two little lambs, a boy and a girl, and she's a very happy sheep.

Another Mule has twins too.

Last year, this Mule adopted a pet lamb of ours, only for that too to end in disaster. She's very happy with her new family.

This Kerry Hill cross was the result of a successful lamb adoption two years ago, and now she has a lamb of her own.

Speaking of lamb adoption, Maggie has found herself in the lamb adoption crate. I pulled two whoppers of lambs out of her which was quite the job, and then she didn't want them. All she would do is hit them away if they came near her. So into the crate she went, and after a couple of days she loved her lambs a lot and now she's out in the field and very happy.

This is the boy.

And this is the girl.

Shirley is so pretty with those rich brown eyes and that ombré coat.

Her lambs, a girl and a boy, are super cute too.

Still lots of lambs to come!

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