5 March 2019

Snood Weather

Last week was beautiful, with warm temperatures and clear skies - and now we've plunged back into winter, with rain and even a few snow showers. Ollie and Jack have a new recruit to show around the yard so in a break in the showers, outside we went, snoods on for warmth.

"Muuuum, they're drinking puddle water!"

Don't be a tell-tale, Jack.

Jack was modelling the green snood. He's gone up a snood size since he last wore one.

Ollie was sporting the magenta.

And who was wearing the watermelon snood? It's only Tilly!

I bought Tilly last Monday.

She's a super huge, super speedy pedigree Suffolk.

Suffolks are one of my favourite breeds so I was really happy to bring her home. She seems happy too!

So now I have a happy trio of pet lambs.

Tilly had a lot of fun running around on her first trip outside.

And nibbling!

Jack is still the tiniest.

Tilly is the youngest by about three weeks but she's also the biggest.

Ollie nibbled on some tired grass.

Tilly looked very cute in her snood.

Then the unsettled weather returned and it started raining. We rushed indoors. Snoods off, the lambs had some fun.

Jack is always jumping at the hurdles to get out so I call him Jumping Jack!

Tilly is much too prim and proper for that.

1 comment:

  1. We are back to wet and cold weather here too.
    Good to see the lambs, they are so cute and photogenic.
    Glad they were able to get out and explore a bit, with their snoods to keep them warm :)