3 March 2019

The Birthday Party

Today is my 24th birthday, and so Stubby, owner Emma and Mark came to wish me a happy birthday and to deliver some presents. We had planned this party to be outside, but the weather wasn't on our side so inside the party had to be.

Stubby was born here last year, in this very shed. He was a wonky, one-eared, tiny little lamb and I wasn't sure if he would make it so I gave him to Emma to take good care of. And now look at him! Still wonky, still one-eared, but very much alive!

It was chilly out so I gave him a snood to keep warm.

Meeting Ollie.

Heavily pregnant Penny was at the party too.

She found the silage bags and stayed there for the duration.

And who's that black lamb, you ask? More on her later.

Stubby liked watching everyone milling about.

Bob really enjoyed himself at my party.

So did Penny, actually.

The cheek of Ollie! He took on Bob in a headbutting contest.

Penny wasn't in the mood for headbutting competitions.

V.I.P. party guest Mark made himself comfortable in a wheelbarrow. (It's a big wheelbarrow, he's not really small.)

Bob was unhappy with Mark being in the wheelbarrow and proceeded to headbutt it until either A) Mark got out, or B) the wheelbarrow tipped over. Mark chose option A.

Little Jack, Emma's favourite.

Bandana or snood? There are just too many style choices.

Jack taking a leaf out of Penny's book and stealing some silage.

Stubby, meanwhile, was stealing straw.

He is a remarkably laid-back chap.

That mysterious black lamb I haven't introduced you to yet liked him.

Jack liked him too.

Emma likes him a bit a lot too.

Honestly there was no other way I'd like to spend my birthday - surrounded by friends and sheep causing mischief.


  1. Happy birthday! Can't think of a cuter party!

  2. Belated happy Birthday !
    Looks like you had a fun time with your woolly and human friends :)
    Well done Emma for caring for Stubby he looks very well.