27 April 2019

Cilla's Little Traybakes

Finally! I have been waiting for Cilla to have her baby (or as it turned out, babies) for so long. I was sure she was going to lamb about a month ago, but she held on and held on... I then became convinced, judging my the width of her, that she was carrying at least three lambs.

The wait was over on Wednesday 24th April. We went into the field with the quad and snacker and Cilla didn't appear. She is always one of the first in line for nuts in the morning. I knew something was up. We drove around a few fields until we found her, at the top of a hill, sheltered from the wind by a stone wall.

Two lambs, solid black, were at her feet. And they were girls! I was so pleased. Cilla is only a year old and I wasn't sure what her reaction would be to lambs but I needn't have worried, she loves her lambs so much.

Claude the Charollais is the father, rather than Sunny or Jim. It means that it's hard to predict just what these little ladies will be like when they're all grown up. Keeping with the B theme, this is Brownie.


And this is Blondie.

At the moment I can only tell them apart when I'm looking at them side-by-side. They're just so similar! But Blondie here has a broader forehead and deeper-set eyes. However a lamb's face will change shape as it ages, so she might look completely different in a few months!

Cilla is such a good mummy to these two. They're only a few hours old in these pictures and she already has them nice and clean.

And drinking!

Watching these two grow will be wonderful.

Well done, Cilla!

Blondie (maybe - I think)!

Brownie! She's more alert looking thanks to her bigger eyes.

Brownie, Cilla and Blondie.

Cutest family!

Brownie has a lot of growing to do if she's going to be as tall as mummy.

Better get started on that!

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