28 April 2019

Rosie's Surprise

I had resigned myself to Rosie not having a lamb. I checked her for an elder a month ago but there was no sign of one, and while I still thought to myself, maybe she'll have one in May, I thought the chances were slim. Rosie's my biggest ewe, tall and round - she doesn't know the meaning of the word "thin". So I had no idea that Barnaby was in there. I walked into the kitchen on Thursday morning (the day after Cilla had her lambs) and looked out the kitchen window at my pet sheep like I always do... and there was Rosie, standing a little way away from the others, sniffing at a little brown thing at her feet. The little brown thing took a wobbly step, coming into full view, and it was a lamb! In shock, I pointed out the lamb to my dad who was in the living room. We were both so surprised! First thing after breakfast I went to meet Rosie's lamb.

On closer inspection it was a boy, and Claude the Charollais had been at it again.

The other sheep came over to meet the newest member of the flock. He was only out, soaking wet, but Rosie was working on that.

Flora investigates.

Liz investigates.

Bob was the most interested of all. When Penny lambed in the shed, right in front of him, Bob freaked out. He tried to jump out of the pen! That didn't really work out for him, and I had to open the hurdles to let him out before he hurt himself or someone else. But out here in the field he just stood and stared for a while.

Rosie had a traumatic lambing last year that resulted in a dead lamb. She was heartbroken. I am so happy to see her with her own lamb at last - and I can tell she's happy too.

Little Barnaby stuck close to mummy.

There was changeable weather ahead, including Storm Hannah, so I brought the two of them indoors for safety. They both returned to the field today.

Welcome to the flock, Barnaby, it's wonderful to have you.