18 April 2019

Rosie's Halter

I have recently gotten interested in making halters and leads with cotton rope. My first halter was a bit of a mess, to be honest, but my second was just a little more presentable. I made it for Rosie, the largest of my ewes (and of course making things for Rosie means an excuse to use pink).

I made her a natural cotton rope halter with baby pink whipping (that's the name for the smaller rope wrapped around the bigger rope). Because it was made (roughly) to measure, it fit her well.

Rosie looked very cute in her new halter.

As this is only the second halter I have made this way, there are a few niggles. I accidentally tied the knots in the whipping on the outside on one side and the lead part of the halter is about half the length it should be. Sheep walk at a much slower pace than even I do and so I like to give them plenty of rope. They also stop for snacks all the time!

Since this halter I have started to put stitching underneath the whipping for added strength. Although Rosie is well enough trained that she doesn't pull much anyway.

She walked halfway up this hill and demanded treats!

A better picture of the knots on the wrong side.

The other side with its fuzzy fray.

At the end of the lead is knot. If the lead was longer I could let the rope run through my hand until it reached the knot and then I'd know to stop and wait for the sheep to catch up. The fraying end of the rope is wrapped in what's called sailmaker's whipping but it is something I can't get my head around and it always goes wrong for me! The charms I found on eBay and couldn't resist adding for a finishing touch - a shamrock and a little heart.

It's wonderful to be able to use something that you have made yourself.

A thank you goes to Rosie for being such a good model and walking most of the way up this hill for me.

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