20 April 2019

Lambs & Calves

Yesterday I took my friend Emma to meet my other friend Natalie. Both of them are as nutty about sheep as I am, so I was sure they would get along swimmingly. It was a scorcher of a day so we went out to meet Natalie's sheep.

A beauty of a boy - only what could be expected for Bob's nephew.

Victoria the Border Leicester.

Sunny's sister Belle.

Natalie also got a couple of foster lambs off me - including this Fronteira/Dorset/Texel mixture of a ewe lamb.

Their adoptive mother Merry.

A better look at Victoria's impressive ears.


Pretty Belle again!

Her sister Dahlia.

The sheep were relaxing in the hazy sunshine.

Bob's sister came over to meet Emma.

Cheeky Biscuit.

I can't get enough of these Zwartbles/Texels.

Hello there.

A cute Texel pair.

Tiny little pet lamb Thumbelina.

And her much larger friend Star.

They know where the milk is anyway.

I can never get enough of a big lamb, tiny lamb combo.

After a delicious lunch and a little chat in the house, I left Emma home and went to meet some of her claves. This one was less than a day old.

It was a good, sunny day for him to be out.

Mum was calling for him.

So he got up. However, when you're all legs and only a few hours old, this can take some effort. He got this far and had to take a break.

Up at last!

Holly the farm dog.

Vicky the farm lamb.

Bruce the farm silly. Like Sue, he's quite silly but super cute and fluffy.


Her son Magee.

The last time I met Marley he was just a tiny baby. He's getting so grown up already!

Got to keep the energy up!

I just loved meeting everyone's baby animals.

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