22 April 2019

An Easter Lamb (And Wether)

On a scorching Easter Sunday, Emma brought Stubby up to visit.

She also brought Penny's third lamb, Bruce, back for the first time since he was born.

I let Bea out of the shed as well as Bridget and Penny out of the field... and both of them promptly wandered off. So the family reunion didn't go exactly to plan! It was too warm for me to argue.

Little Bruce is not so little anymore. He liked lying in the shade.

And exploring... as long as it was in the shade.

Emma's boys.

As the only two boys, and the visitors, Stubby took his babysitting duties very seriously.

Stubby wanted to check the camera.

Bruce, like his siblings, has Penny's "crazy eyes". They're not scared, they just look permanently startled.

Bea came over to see if Bruce wanted to play out in the sun.

He didn't.

Meanwhile, Stubby modelled his new halter that I made just for him.

His half sister Flora approved.

Stubby suits blue.

He deserves all the pampering!

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