23 April 2019

Tilly's Easter Sunday Sunset Picnic

As a special treat for Easter Sunday, I took Tilly up the hill for a picnic. The cooler evening was much more pleasant for me than the boiling hot afternoon. I walked Tilly to our destination on the halter. She didn't take much training to get used to the halter thanks to her quiet nature.

At the top of the hill there was the setting sun and some happy ewes and lambs.

And, of course, the view we had come for.

Tilly immediately set about having her picnic.

I had a sandwich and some crisps to munch on, so while I was occupied with that I let Tilly off the halter so she could enjoy herself. She skipped back and forth and had a great time!

When she wasn't running around, she was trying to eat me. Or my picnic. Or my camera bag. Or my camera.

She was nibbling at the grass too. She's at the age when I should be letting her out for more grass. It's on my to-do list.

She's such a pleasant, easy-going lamb to be around. So full of character!

Gradually the sun set over the Mournes.

Tilly enjoyed some chin scratches.

The last glimpse of the sun for the day.

My favourite picture of Tilly so far. She's so cute!

Tilly keeping watch over my camera bag (or maybe she was just caught trying to eat it again).

It was time to head back to the yard. I didn't need the halter this time as she followed me back without wandering off. (There was a bad fire in the forest on this night and I didn't notice it at the time but I see it now, at the bottom of the mountain on the left.)

The view on the way back down the hill wasn't bad either.

On the way to the shed we passed Blue Belle who was having a bad forelock evening.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

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