22 June 2019

An Evening With the Super Flock

"The Super Flock" is what I have taken to calling our flock of sheep. Usually divided into at least two flocks, almost all of them are together now in one giant flock. It really is a sight to behold!

Sunny! When the ewes and lambs broke in together, so did all the boys.

Cilla and her girls.

The boys are very curious.

A cute little Mule baby.

A mother and her gorgeous daughter.

Morag, ready for clipping.

The lambs were playing in groups, but one group included a lot of ewes too, skipping back and forth like little lambs!

For some the evening was to be enjoyed at a slower pace.

One of our youngest lambs, looking very handsome!

Maggie's girl.

Maggie and her twins.

Maggie's hairstyle is something else!

A lovely Mule.

Perhaps my favourite lamb of the year, this Mule was born on the second day of lambing. Such a gorgeous girl!

Another happy Mule.

Playing on mummy.

The moon watching over us.

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