26 June 2019

Spring Walk With Minty

Minty, one of the smallest pet lambs I have ever come across, is catching up with the others. She's now as big as Lily, Rita and Gertie! I'm very proud of her for making it so far. She's really starting to look like her Cheviot mummy too.

I took her for a walk on the lane - I love our lane in spring, it just bursts into life!

Of course, this being a walk with a sheep involved, there had to be plenty of snack breaks.

It's lucky Minty suits mint the colour, given her name.

So many pretty colours...

She wasn't halter trained as well as some of my lambs but she's managing brilliantly.

I love flowers, even though I can only identify a handful of them by name.

Good girl, Minty!

Halter by The Sophisticated Sheep (use code GREENHILL10 for 10% off).

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