12 June 2019

Sue on the Lane

I've been trying to teach Sue to stay in the front of the quad so she can come along for the ride. She loves coming with me but she also loves to suddenly jump out of the box and land in a heap in front of the wheels. A few emergency stops have had to be made! That's why there's a short chain attached to the front box - to stop her doing something silly like that. All of the dogs start with the safety chain until I can rely on them not to jump out unexpectedly.

Possibly my favourite picture of Esther ever - she just looks so sweet.

My dad was spreading lime on their field and so the pets were confused.

Although she does take the occasional dive out of the box, she gets herself up there. She climbs onto the foot rest, jumps onto the seat and then jumps over the handlebars. She picked up on that straight away!

She'll be a quad riding expert soon one day!

1 comment:

  1. Esther does look sweet. and Sue is as gorgeous as ever :)
    Sue looks so alert and ready for action, I can tell she doesn't approve of the chain but accidents with B.C.s and tractors or quads can happen so easily, it's good to keep her safe !