9 June 2019

Dog Photography Workshop

Darren Brown and his dogs hosted a dog photography workshop yesterday. This was my first ever photography workshop and it was a great adventure with fun company and some lessons too.

We started at Giant's Ring, an ancient monument that is now a very popular place for people to walk. Five other keen dog photographers, Darren and myself made ourselves somewhat comfortable on the grass and started with dog portraits.

Darren owns a beautiful pair of Spanish Water Dogs, and it was Cassie's turn to be photographed first.

Her friend Ria.

Posing done, it was time for some action! Cassie is the older of the two, so she broke us into focus tracking.

Super speedy Ria.

Getting those speeding dogs to stay in focus as they moved was not easy! After a short drive to Minnoburn, we stopped for lunch, and after that it was time to get wet. Thankfully I had my wellies on! Darren stood in the river and threw the ball for Ria, who then ran full pelt towards us as we stood in a row in the water.

As for Cassie, she just watched.

A well deserved grassy snack break for Ria after all that running!

Fetching a ball from a river seems to be Ria's favourite thing!

We finished the workshop with a quick lesson on flash. I have some experience with flash but still no interest in it. I did have a go, though.

Natural light Ria:

Flash Ria:

Thanks to Darren, Ria and Cassie for hosting such a great workshop. I enjoyed meeting these two!

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