5 June 2019

Tempting the Mob

It's great to see the ewes happy in the fields with their lambs. I went into the Potato Field armed with a camera and a bucket to see if I could get any pictures. I shook the bucket and got the attention of nearby sheep.

Even Maggie.

It wasn't long before Maggie was over to stick her head in the bucket and teach her lambs what to do in this situation.

Betty almost had the right idea.

The male lamb, Barry, is the shier of the two.

I moved to another field, but Maggie and her family followed me.

A quick rattle of the bucket had everyone's attention again.

I had to adopt Morag's lamb onto another ewe because the lamb was too tall to reach her elder easily and wasn't getting enough milk. Better luck next year, Morag!

I moved on again and this time I got more attention than I bargained for!

These ladies do love their food.

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