29 July 2019

Growing Up

Blue Belle is back in the garden! This is one of my favourite places to have her as I can look out the kitchen window and there she is, having a snooze. (My favourite place to have her is in with my pet sheep, but there's just too much grass in the field at the moment and it wouldn't be a good idea to have her in there.)

She rests her chin on the wall most of the time.

Meanwhile, with the pets, Barnaby is getting huge. It's almost time for him to leave his mum to live with the main flock of sheep but I know Rosie will be heartbroken so I've been putting it off.

Majestic Bob.

Little Minty has grown so much, she's actually slightly taller than Lily now!

(Esther just remains small.)

Tilly is still the biggest put lamb and such a sweetheart. She's the hardest to photograph because she's almost always standing at my feet.

The pets' field is getting overgrown at the bottom end so we're going to get some silage bales off it soon. Don't worry, we'll leave plenty for them to eat!

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