2 August 2019

Working on That Stay

Fly has come such a long way, I'm so proud. Not only has she become an excellent little sheepdog, her posing skills have improved too. When I first met her she didn't really know how to sit on command, let alone stay.

My goal on this day was to see if Fly would stay with another dog present. When she's on her own her stay is pretty good, but with Teddy as a distraction I wondered if she'd stay at all. I needn't have worried!

Teddy's an old pro at this posing lark, but it was actually Fly who posed the best on this day. Teddy occasionally got bored of posing and wandered off, but Fly kept staying.

Of course, once all of the sausage treats were gone, it was playtime!

It's always fun watching dogs play in long grass.

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