6 August 2019

A Touch of Magic

Some evenings I go out to photograph the pet sheep and nothing goes right - the sun disappears behind the clouds, the sheep just want to eat their grass, wherever I look I keep missing shots. And then there's an evening like this one when (almost) everyone is in a posing mood and the light is absolutely stunning and the sun doesn't get covered up by the clouds. On those evenings it's magic.

Gertie, the youngest pet lamb, beautifully backlit.

Wee Minty, once the tiniest pet lamb (she's now caught up with the others).

A lamb who's maturing extra nicely is Lily. She's got an adorable little face and she's so friendly.

Rita is perhaps the pet lamb with the most dramatic transformation. She looks like a completely different sheep!

Rosie's surprise lamb, Barnaby, is the same size as Esther now.

Heather is always so pretty.

Penny's daughter Bea and her best friend Juliet.

Heather again, because why not?

When I arrived in the field Millie was lying here. She was looking very picturesque.

Flora was keeping her company.

One of my favourite pictures of Heather ever! I was so happy when I saw this on the back of the camera.

Little Esther.

Lily again with that cheeky face!

Esther's eyelashes are so impressive for such a tiny sheep.

Tilly remains hard to photograph because she doesn't stop following me.

And as I was leaving, Millie was still relaxing. It was a very comfortable spot.

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