12 August 2019

Family Time

Family portraits with the dogs used to be a staple of this blog. There would be one every few months or so, but you would have to look back to August 2017 for the last family photo, and even then it was an unconventional one for me. It had been too long since I had taken a family photo, so out I went at sunset to get a photo of all the beautiful dogs I have now.

Before I had even began there was a possible setback - Jess doesn't like Fly or Sue, to the point of growling at them if they get too close. I always have to leave it up to Jess to decide if she feels up to coming on adventures with us. To my delight, this time she wanted to come with us.

And so here they are, my girls; Fly, Sue and Jess. Hard to believe Sue is the baby of the family - she's huge!

Sue, Fly and Mister Teddy.

Fly and Teddy, I am convinced, are related somehow. They don't look exactly alike, but their mannerisms are too close to be a coincidence.

Sue with silly ears in the back.

These three get along so well. Fly and Teddy have welcomed Susan into the family with open paws.

This one is too funny! Teddy in the back, looking at something that must be more interesting than me, Fly posing like an angel, and giant puppy Sue with a bonus tongue blep!


As I mentioned, their personalities are so similar, they make a great team.

Jess hiding from the other dogs.

Teddy and a blurry Jess.

And here it is - my new family photo. I love these dogs so much.


  1. Sue, alert and keen,the sensitive Jess and the bond between Fly and Teddy captured with that kiss.
    Great pics of your dog family :)