10 August 2019

Gang Aft Agley

What I had planned for this beautiful summer evening was going to be beautiful. Tilly, Esther and I would walk to a field of long grass and I'd take pictures of them as the sun set and the grass seeds glowed purple.

Alas, it was not to be. Esther and Tilly have become unlikely friends and they both trotted after me to the field in question. I let them off their halters once we had reached the grass. Esther stood, looking at the long grass, while Tilly took a few steps and nibbled on a few stems. Esther then came forward and nibbled some too, only to then turn tail and prance out of the field, up the lane, and into the yard, Tilly hot on her heels.

That long grass in the yard was much more to Esther's tastes.

After their refuelling, the pair of them took off! The skipped and jumped and ran and had a wonderful time. I was laughing just looking at them!

Of course, after all of that jumping and running around, it was time to refuel again.

Perhaps not the photoshoot I had planned, but still lots of fun!

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