15 December 2019

Sunday Around the Bale

The ewes have been on a romantic getaway with the tips in fields nearer the coast. They're having silage and licks at the moment, but soon enough they'll be coming home again. I went to visit them a couple of weeks ago. To get their attention I brought I bucket of nuts with me. That had the desired effect - and then some! Suddenly I was surrounded by hungry sheep and wary of the tips getting too close, I emptied out the nuts for the flock to eat.

Every single nut hoovered up, attention turned to the silage feeder.

Luna, the late Nova's lamb from 2018.

Minty's mum.

Annie, one of Millie's twins from 2018.

Of all the tips I trust this guy the least. He just has a look in his eye that I don't trust.

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