21 December 2019

The Farmers Weekly Photography Competition 2019

Every year I enter the Farmers Weekly photography competition - it is, after all, a competition that is perfectly compatible with my interests! This year I almost forgot all about it - it was only a couple of days before the entry deadline that I remembered to check when the entry deadline was! And so it was a bit of a mad scramble to sort through a year's worth of photos to pick a few favourites and enter them online. I made it with literally hours to spare.

Surely, I thought, my good fortune of the 2015 competition was not to be repeated.

The following week I got an email from one of the judges to say that one of the photos I had entered had been placed! I was a very happy bunny, I can tell you! The photo that had been picked was this one of wee Susan:

It was included in this blog post: The Daily Check Down the Road.

I was asked to write a bit about myself and the circumstances that led to the picture. Susan of course went by her proper name. Today I went to the shop to buy the Christmas edition of the magazine and see my Susan in print.

My paragraph has been very nicely edited and reads:
This beautiful photo of puppy Susan sat in a Land Rover was taken by Ruth McCracken from Northern Ireland. 
Photographing the animals on her family’s farm in County Down has been Ruth’s hobby since she started taking pictures of her pet lambs a decade ago. 
“I was checking on a flock of older ewes and had to leave young Susan behind,” says Ruth. “I had my camera with me to take some pictures of the ewes for my blog. As I walked back to the Land Rover, Susan was sitting adorably in the passenger seat, waiting for me to come back. 
“I took a few shots, adjusting my position until I had created a frame for Susan using the window, while including enough detail so it was clear that she was sitting in our faithful old Defender.”
And now Susan and I are in the final eight and in the running for one of the cash prizes, to be announced in the new year. My fingers are crossed, but in the likely event that I don't win, I am delighted with the result I got. (Susan was with me when I bought the magazine and got a sausage as a reward for being so cute.)

You can view the other winners and runners-up in the competition here.


  1. Well done! I love how clear the dog looks as compared to the reflection in the glass. Well done! And yes she is adorable.