4 March 2020

In Flora Fashion

For my birthday yesterday, Flora gave me an extra special gift...

I was walking to the house from the lambing shed when I noticed that Flora was lying down oddly, looking around at herself. On investigating I found that Flora couldn't lamb. Halter on, we walked to the shed where my dad delivered healthy twin girls. The first was coming in the correct position but the second was backwards, a potentially fatal position as the ewe presses fluid into the lamb's lungs. Thankfully Flora's difficulties were spotted in time.

The first lamb is the larger of the two. She has a Roman nose and large, floppy ears. She's very like her mother when she was young.

The second lamb that was coming backwards is smaller, with a straight nose and smaller, pointier ears. Unlike her sister who is completely black, this one has a white spot on the top of her head.

At first Flora was scared of her babies. We put them in a bucket so she wouldn't hurt them and within half an hour she had got the idea and was licking them.

I was on my way to the house to get the keys of the Land Cruiser as I had errand to run when I spotted Flora in trouble. The lambs safely delivered, off Susan and I went. After my errand I called into my favourite sandwich shop for lunch and told the ladies behind the counter about the lambs Flora had just had. I told them I just had to name them now and I got a few suggestions, so I may now introduce you to Flora's lambs, named by the staff of Wrap & Roll...

The smaller one is Coco.

And the larger one is Chanel.

One happy family.

Thank you for the present, Flora, much appreciated!