6 March 2020

Some January Morning

Now with lambing upon us, it's easy to miss the calmer mornings of the winter months. Yes, it was often freezing, but there were no ewes in trouble demanding your attention. Late January was a whole other world!

Fly loved to come with us to check on the flocks. All the dogs took it in turns to come along.

For a while the sunrise coincided with our daily checks.

Back in January Poundland and his friends were still at home (they're on an outfarm until clipping time) and we still had a number of 2019's tip lambs running around. All gone now, and Blue Belle is currently in their old field.

The breeding ewes were grazing outside, being fed every morning by snacker.

Sunny and Jim were still with my ewes so the hoggets and Bob were in a separate field. They stayed here for several weeks over the winter. They always came running to the gate looking for something to eat.

Blue Belle was in with SunnyJim and their ladies. She spent a lot of her time standing on the wall, surveying her kingdom.

Fly on the quad.

The ewes enjoying a fresh bale. It wasn't long before this became a mud bath.

Simpler times.


  1. I don't always comment, but I love to visit your blog and I'm in awe of your photos. That first one of Fly just melted my heart!

    1. Aww, such a sweet comment! Thank you visiting. <3