8 March 2020

Waiting on the Bus

There is a flock of older ewes and ones who tend to lose condition over winter. They spend the colder months with the tips on an outfarm with slightly better grass and supplementary feeding. As lambing time approaches they are brought home. I took a few pictures while we were waiting for Dad to return with the trailer to take away another load.

Because most of them are older ewes, they're among some of the most recognisable of the flock. This is Cheeky Ewe, a long-tailed older lady. She is well over ten now but still produces quality lambs every year. (She's called Cheeky Ewe because she is always the first to run to the food.)

Maggie is in this group too (and that brown blur behind her is Cilla).

The grey and brown-faced lady is another character. She never got a name but she's sweet. To our annoyance she almost always has boy lambs when a few ewes of her breed would be most welcome.

Fly helped to round them up so she was waiting too.

She doesn't mind waiting because it means more cuddles.

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