23 April 2020

A Spring Walk With Connie and Caldwell

Connie and Caldwell are now at the age when it's time to start learning some new skills. They started by getting tethered while wearing a halter for a few minutes at a time, but a few weeks ago they had their first lesson outside together.

Connie had had a short walk outside once before but this one was longer.

She still needed some encouragement from Dad who was leading her.

I had the camera and Caldwell. He was a lesson behind his sister (they take turns and Connie went first) and this was his first time outside altogether.

Sweet wee Connie.

Sometimes the brakes were applied! When this happens I just wait for the tantrum to be over and we continue onwards.

The reason we were walking on the lane was because the daffodils were enjoying their last hurrah and I wanted some pictures of the lambs with them before they disappeared altogether. Connie eventually had a sit-down protest.

Caldwell so far was being a pretty good boy. He's not as brave as his sister so her presence kept him calm.

I shouldn't show favouritism but... it's Connie. Connie is my favourite. She's just a cheeky little thing!

Caldwell meanwhile isn't very interested in humans unless they have food for him.

The sun came out towards the end of our walk and gave Caldwell and golden glow.

Almost back at the shed and we had another sit-down protestor.

Their training is coming along very well. So far so good!

I bought these two lovely halters from The Country Pumpkin over on Facebook.


  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful lambs! Love these!

  2. Hi Ruth, I'm a Caldwell interested to know how you came to give adorable little Caldwell his name. Love the pics!

    1. Hello, Janet! My mum has a cousin whose first name is Caldwell, so that's where the name came from. :)