26 April 2020

Finally Out

Finally, after the lambing was finished and the evenings were stretching and the weather was good, I got some lambs out. So, formal introductions!

This is Edith, she's a Suffolk/Mule and she was born on 12th March. She had a sister, Ivy, who was her spitting image, but unfortunately she took ill and we couldn't save her. It was a real shame as Ivy was a gentle soul just like her sister. Edith was very upset about her sister and spent a few days looking for her. Eventually she settled and she's been fine ever since.

This is Leslie, a Texel/Lleyn/Charollais mixture. She was one of the last lambs, born on 26th March. Like Edith she lost her sister, although this time it was bloat. This was her first time outside and she coped pretty well.

The three of them! Marjorie, Edith and Leslie.

Leslie thinks Edith's snood looks tasty.

Edith's face is so full of expression. Both her mother and father's breeds are very expressive too.

Little Leslie.

Edith wasn't always grey around the eyes like this - it's a recent development!

Like I said - full of expression!

The final lamb I have to introduce is Marjorie. She's a Texel/Charollais and very highly strung. She was a single lamb, born on 18th March. All she would do the whole time she was out is run and shout at me.

It was a beautiful spring evening and I tried to lure the lambs to the lane.

They came part of the way.

But then Dad showed up. He'd been washing tractors in the lower yard and was walking to the house when he heard the lamb commotion. The pet lambs always love him!

His arrival marked the end of the adventure because all they would do now is follow him into the house! I'd rather not clean up that mess so back to their pens they went.

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