28 April 2020

Maybe Marjorie

This year I have decided to keep fewer pet lambs. In 2018 I kept seven of them, and again in 2019. And now with the number of lambs that my pet ewes are producing increasing, I have plenty of sheep to go around.

So far Edith and Connie are definitely keepers - they're both friendly and interested in being with people even if there isn't food on offer. They just like the company. Of the seven pet lambs I kept last year, only Tilly is still interested in being friendly. I want pets that will stay friendly.

So all of the other pet lambs this year will have to prove themselves. Halter training is going on as usual and I'm going to wait until the lambs are weaned and a bit bigger until I make my final decision.

This is Marjorie, currently on the "maybe" pile, getting some training in.

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