29 April 2020

Facebook's Seven Days in Black & White Challenge

I was tagged by a friend to do this challenge which has been making the rounds on Facebook recently. I thought it would be fun just to do it with my phone as it's always in my pocket. I tried to capture something that I see every day. I was worried that I would forget all about it, but I actually managed to take a picture every day! You're not supposed to explain your photo when you post it to Facebook, but this is my blog and I'll explain what I like!

D A Y   O N E
I started strong with this one! Monday morning and I was very enthused about this challenge. Every day my dad and I walk from our house to the lambing shed, collecting Susan on the way. I put on the kettle while he lets some of the pet lambs out. Susan gets her football from wherever she has left it and wants to play, Edith goes looking for something to eat, Caldwell keeps his distance from Susan because he's nervous, Connie wants to get lifted up for cuddles and Dad and I sit on a bale each while the kettle gets up to temperature. In this picture I'm holding the ball so Susan looks alert, but the rest is just what was going on at the time.

D A Y   T W O
I decided that I would take each picture in portrait early on, and this worked well for this photo. On this day we decided to start the lambs out in the field with creep feed. The feeders had to be moved and that was a job for the old tractor and link box. Meanwhile I was on the quad with a dog, a snacker and two bags of lamb nuts. Here I'm following the tractor to the gate, creep feeders filled and in position.

D A Y   T H R E E
I'm trying to got out as little as possible during lockdown but sometimes I have an errand or two to run. I can't remember exactly what my errand was this time but it was likely a trip to the chemist for my mum followed by a stop at a shop for milk and bread. Dad is out in the Land Cruiser every day to check the stock down the road. Because I was going out too I drove, and Susan stayed in the back. However she was worried about Dad getting too far away as he walked off to check the ewes so she hopped into the front for a better view.

D A Y   F O U R
I was home on this day because my dad was off delivering several loads of bales for customers. Previously I had cut the pet lambs down to two feeds a day, but Edith, Connie and Caldwell were starting to lose condition so I started feeding just them at lunchtime again. I let Connie out for a wee run around. This photo may be blurry but my phone's camera would never have gotten enthusiastic Connie in focus anyway. I just liked the composition and while she was drinking I took a few photos to get her position just right. If you look you'll see she is diagonal in the picture, my feet are there for context and her shadow doesn't overlap with anything.

D A Y   F I V E
The last view of the lambing shed I get every day before going in for my tea. I tried to stand perfectly in the centre of the shed so all of the lines would lead your eye to the tractor in the middle. I love the way the light travels through the roof of this shed, it always makes for something interesting. As a bonus you can catch a glimpse of Connie if you look for her!

D A Y   S I X
I took this when Susan and I had just arrived home from a sunset photoshoot down the road. During lockdown I'm avoiding going on walks in public places, but it's great to have so much private land to explore. This sunset was glorious as always where we were, but by the time we were home it was just disappearing. Susan made for some foreground interest. I always look out over this field (Granny's Field, where the pets live) to check if the sunset is going to be visible or not and plan accordingly.

D A Y   S E V E N
Looking over the gate at the pets. I'm always checking on them! It was Sunday afternoon and they were too lazy to come over and see me. I count everything - eight ewes, nine lambs and sometimes a pony - a few times a day. I tried to split the frame in half between clouds and land and have the fence as a bit of a leading line. I think it works well enough.

So that's my seven day challenge, I hope you liked it! I'd definitely recommend having a go at this. It doesn't all have to be sheep and dogs, that's just me!

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