12 May 2020

Cuddle Rock

It was a lovely evening and of course my first instinct was to go out and visit my pets! Lovely Rosie.

A very woolly Esther.


Rosie again!


Flora's impossible-to-photograph-nicely lambs, Chanel and Coco.


I decided that I'd do something different and let the sheep come to me. I went and sat on a rock and waiting to see who would show up. I say I went, but Tilly as usual was right behind me and while I was taking all of these photos she was standing up on the rock at my back, nibbling on my coat and sniffing my ears.

Flora came over to check if I had any food.

Olive was relaxing.

Esther came over for cuddles and stayed for a while.

I even took a rare selfie.


By the time I was walking back to my house, Tilly was still with me. She's so hard to photograph because she's always pressing herself right up beside me.


Another fun evening with my woolly friends.

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