13 May 2020


Way back in the autumn time I took a notion (as I so often do) that it would be nice to get a sheep bell. My main inspirations were the adorable Valais Blacknose sheep with their little bells.  So cute! I hunted around for a while and eventually found a bell that I liked. Once it arrived I made some things to go along with it - I made a natural cotton halter with chocolate brown whipping.

I also made a sheep-sized collar using rustic brown leather with black edging and an antique brass coloured buckle.

The bell caught my eye because of the flowers that are painted on it. I love anything floral! According to the eBay listing it is Swiss, a hand painted souvenir from the 1960s. It has Villeneuve printed on the back.

Tilly was a my chosen model - her wool is in keeping with the brown theme!

The full set.

A picture of end of the halter. I just love this rope when it's clean. Unfortunately doesn't last long.

A close up of that bell. Isn't it lovely?

It was so funny, watching the other sheep react to the bell. They all ran away from the strange sound! Tilly didn't seem to notice it, but then nothing scares Tilly.

A fun walk! I think we'll save the bell for special occasions. I don't need a bell to know where Tilly is - she's usually right beside me.

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