17 May 2020

Labradors in Lockdown

I have been good - I've stayed home as much as possible, I've washed my hands even more than I already did, and I have social distanced - but yesterday I simply had to go out. My friends Emma and Charlotte and their family have welcomed several new additions during lockdown. Their dog Izzy gave birth just a few days into lockdown and the puppies are now eight weeks old and almost ready for new homes. I resisted the temptation to visit for two months but I didn't want to miss them before they left.

So I had a socially distanced visit with them yesterday and honestly it was the highlight of my week - perhaps month! After running around for an hour or so, the pups settled in their pen for a nap and that's when I got the camera out.

This is Green, a boy. He likes to lie upside down and get his tummy scratched. He fell asleep on Emma's lap while she was doing this and then snored! It was adorable.

This is Suzie, the smallest puppy. She's the one they're keeping.

Puppy pile!

A brief break from the napping.

This boy... now this boy is the one I would take home. He came over to me several times for cuddles. In the language of puppies, I was Chosen. He was called Orange but I called him Rupert.

They're all so cute, though!

Daddy Murphy.

Mummy Izzy.

Sorry, Murphy, we didn't mean to stop paying attention to you.

The puppies soon snuggled down for another nap.

Murphy stopped me before I left without giving him a tummy rub.

A good lockdown day!

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