31 May 2020

Surrounded by Hoggets

It was another beautiful spring evening and I had some sheep to photograph! So I hit the road and arrived at the outfarm just as the sun was beginning to set.

I didn't bring a long lens but I had decided instead to try and get the hoggets to come to me. I rattled a bucket full of nuts and sure enough that got their attention.

I poured some out for them and to my surprise they all came over! These are sheep that haven't been given nuts since they were wee lambs last year.

The black one in the middle is one of Cilla's two - I think it's Brownie. The twins are so alike that I have difficulty telling them apart.

Some pretty hoggets.

Sneaking in behind there is Gertie's Sister.

The lighting was so dreamy.

I haven't managed to get a photo of Bonnie since the day she was born... until now! She's Morag's first lamb and big sister to Connie and Caldwell.

There she is again!

A rainbow lens flare - I love those! The smaller lamb on the right is Blossom, born last July.

I moved half of my pet flock down here. These are the ones who are less interested in being pets than the others. Of course by comparison with this flock they're extremely quiet. Even Lily came over.


A cute, photogenic hogget.

Lois is with this flock too.

The Suffolk in the middle is now called Fiona - I named her after I took these photos. I bought both her and Juliet on the same day as pet lambs. The day after I got them a ewe lost her lamb and we needed one for her. Being the bigger and stronger of the two pet lambs, I adopted Fiona on. As you can see the ewe did a great job!

This is a favourite! Bonnie is such a poser.

I'll forgive you for assuming that that black hogget is mine (because most of the black sheep around here are mine), but this a black Texel and one of Dad's.

That black sheep is mine. That's Blondie, Cilla's second lamb. Her ears are lower set than Brownie's. 

Bonnie surprised me. She led the way in the search for nuts.

The sun was just about gone and the hoggets had all wandered off. I decided to stay until the sun was completely gone before I went home. Then Bea came over to see me.

Soon a lot of the other pets came over too. Juliet with Lily in the background:



Her sister Bea.

Juliet again.



Fiona and some friends.


Last but not least was Rita.

The light on the trees was beautiful.

The mountains too.

A beautiful evening.

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