1 June 2020

The Dog, the Cows and the 'Lions

This field, according to farmers, is a mess. Dandelion weeds have taken over.

This field, according to me, is something fun to photograph Susan in!

Susan, my walking buddy for this evening.

It wasn't quite sunset when we arrived. I wanted to take photos here because the dandelions look great backlit.

We were walking our lap of the field, down towards the river, when we saw the neighbours.

Susan is nervous of cows so she kept a safe distance.

The cows were delightfully curious.

At the river it was beautiful (there's a river just on the other side of the trees on the right of the frame).

Despite the sun it was quite cool. You can see Susan's breath here.

Looking back at where we had been meeting the cows.

I love this one!

The bridge. The light coming through underneath it was lovely.

Low sunlight on the mountains.

There were a lot of people walking on the road because of lockdown. Susan spotted them!

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