22 June 2020

A Matching Pair

I used to take turns halter training with Edith and Connie. It was Edith's turn on the halter on this evening, which turned out to be Edith's last walk with us.

We went around the back of the lambing shed to introduce the girls to their dads who were grazing the small paddock. The Suffolk is Poundland, Edith's dad, and the Texel is Connie's dad.

Connie was looking insanely adorable in a little neck scarf to match the halter Edith was wearing.

Both girls were enjoying the fresh nibbles.

Edith was modelling a new halter for me.

Connie was just running around and munching!


Their last photo together. I had a special photoshoot planned for the following weekend but sadly that couldn't happen.

Connie meeting Edith's dad, Poundland the Suffolk.

Cute Connie.

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