21 June 2020

Up the Walls

There's my Penny.

Penny's lambs, Cleland (front) and Carol.

One of Olive's lambs - Colin.

One of Rosie's - Clover.

Colin's sister Chloe. She was very sick a couple of weeks ago but, fingers crossed, she seems to be well on the mend now.


Esther has to be involved too.

Colin (with Clementine escaping in the background).

Clover's sister Clementine.

Cleland and Carol love climbing on the mostly-collapsed wall.


Lovely Clementine. In my opinion she's the prettiest of the black lambs. Just the shape of her head is really lovely... which sounds a bit odd now that I write it down.


Clementine again.




Cleland seems to like getting his picture taken.

Heather's lamb Charles is getting more like his mother by the day.


Flora's lambs, Chanel and Coco, ralxing.

See? Heather has taught Charles how to eat the whinns.

Clover is in on the act too, only she has to stand on the wall to reach.

Most of the photos of the lambs you see here are of them on top of the wall.

Beautiful Carol. She's the friendliest black lamb. She let me scratch her neck and tummy once. She's always coming over to try and be friends but still has a little shyness to overcome.

Charles using that long neck to his advantage.

Checking the feets.



As soon as I go to leave they all follow me.

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