20 June 2020

Wee Woolly Lawnmowers

Looking back on these photos now is strange knowing that in just two weeks' time poor Edith would pass away. She just took sick, very suddenly as sheep often do, and although I tried there was nothing I could do for her.

At the start of May I made a wee pen for Edith and Connie on the lane. This grass is under-utilised in my opinion - I say graze everything! Anything to avoid using a lawnmower. This was their first evening out. It was during that very warm and dry few weeks we had in May.

As I sat out with them, they both took turns going off to graze and then coming over for scratches.

Wee Connie.

You may have spotted her already - Blue Belle was mowing my granny's lawn for me. She was in the perfect position to keep an eye on my lambs for me.

It was so beautiful sitting here.

Edith is missed by me but even more so by Connie.

I always say that Connie is cute as a button - she really is!

Tummy scratches are the best.

Edith lay down beside me to chew her cud. Such a gentle girl.

Connie wandered off and came back again.

Blue Belle kept watch during the day and they went inside again overnight.

Blue Belle takes her job very seriously.

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