18 June 2020

Happy Place

I often take photos of Fly sitting on the quad - there's good reason for this. Although she is improving, her stay is still a bit dodgy sometimes! Also she's just very cute sitting there. Back in May we ventured out at sunset to get a photo of Fly with the mountains in the background.

She had to watch the sheep too.

As always the view was spectacular.

This cheeky ewe came over to see us.

The stone walls are beautiful to look at but my goodness they take a lot of maintenance!

I sat down on the grass to enjoy the sunset and Fly joined me. She cuddled up close as usual.

As the sun got lower we joined the sheep in the field next door where they had wandered to when Fly had jumped off the quad.

Luna and her lambs - her own wee boy on the left and her adopted ewe on the right.

Iris's daughter and her lamb.

Fly still had plenty of watching to do.

Violet's mum and her twins.

In a field full of contented sheep at sunset is my happy place.

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