14 June 2020

Jewel's Legacy and Other Cuties

Yesterday I paid another socially distanced visit to Drumlee Farm and its varied collection of animals. Jewel gave birth to a colt foal a few days ago so of course I had to visit him first! He's a beautiful wee boy.

Emma is calling him Parker. I think it suits him.

Jewel and Parker are being watched over by Sadie the cat.

Another mother is Izzy, who had those lovely puppies I photographed a few weeks ago.

Last puppy remaining is Suzie who has a forever home right here.

A beautiful puppy she is!


Who's wearing this stylish collar made by yours truly?

Lucy! She looks very cute with her new collar on.

I visited the sheep last. Due to lockdown and being quite busy myself, I never got to see these lambs when they were really tiny. Now they're huge!

My favourite has to be this one - Panda! Isn't she wonderful looking?


Cuddling with mum.


Sadie the cat still keeping an eye on things.

A handsome boy.



Stubby loves his Emma.

It's just so great to see friends in person these days!

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  1. As always, you have amazing photos. Such clarity!