12 July 2020

Caldwell to the Rescue

A month ago I decided Connie was big enough to start living out in the field with the other pets. Unfortunately, following the death of her friend Edith, she was on her own. I led her out to the field and she was very happy to be out, skipping and eating grass, but the moment I closed the gate and walked out of sight she started to panic.

I had suspected this would be the case - tiny Connie was in a huge field on her own, surrounded by strange sheep. I left her for moment, and returned with the only lamb I had that was exactly her size: her brother Caldwell.

The pair hadn't seen each other for a few weeks and had been separated for even longer but almost immediately Connie calmed down and Caldwell, who is naturally fearful of almost everything, stuck himself to Connie like glue.

Together the can take on any of the sheep in the field. Compared to the black lambs my ewes have been rearing, Connie and Caldwell are tiny.

They watch each other's backs.

My biggest lambs at the moment are Rosie's twins. Clover:


There are lamb nuts available at all times. Sometimes there's a lot of competition to fit into the feeder.



The ewes have all be clipped. Tilly surprised me - her wool may be black but she's grey!

Chanel was feeling cheeky on this day. I had sat down for a moment and she came right over.

Another cheeky character is Carol.

With timid Caldwell following her wherever she went, Connie made herself right at home.

A better look at Tilly's surprising grey colouring.

Thanks for helping Connie, Caldwell.

Tilly stealing the garden hedge!

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