14 July 2020

Lunch in the Rain

One rainy Saturday afternoon I went out to feed the lambs in full waterproof gear - and I brought the camera with me too. Nuts in the feeders, I sat down beside them with the hastily waterproofed (sandwich bag and sticky tape) camera and waited.

One of these is not a lamb! Cheeky Ewe had her lamb so late that she couldn't be separated from him so she is currently living with the lamb flock.

She's always looking for nuts too.

The lambs were separated from their mums soon after the ewes were clipped. They've been enjoying the best grass and food ever since.

Cheeky Ewe and Cheeky Lamb.

Cheeky Lamb is too small to join the scrum for nuts at the feeder but he follows his mum as she has a go.

...Often with only a little success. She does get some, though.

It rained on and off while I sat there but I was just so happy to be taking pictures again after a three week gap.

Fly was with me too.

And Dad was making the most of a bad day by topping weeds.

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