5 July 2020

Cheeky Lamb

At the end of May I checked the flocks as usual one morning and got a surprise. There was a tiny white thing on the ground next to Cheeky Ewe, a very old ewe who didn't have any lambs this year, and as I got closer the white thing put its head up. Cheeky Ewe had had a Cheeky Lamb!

A few days later I went out to take some photos of the Cheeky family. Cheeky Ewe, as her name would suggest, is very cheeky and usually comes over to check if I have any food for her. With her young lamb, however, she was being extra protective and cautious and was keeping her distance.

Isn't he adorable?

Less cautious was Maggie who came over with her daughter Claudia.

While I was taking photos of Claudia, Cheeky Ewe took her chance and trotted off with her lamb in tow. It took me a moment to find them in front of the wall at the bottom of the hill.

Some other cheeky ewes and lambs came over to see what I was doing.

I sneaked closer to Cheeky Ewe.

But once again I got distracted by a lamb and Cheeky Ewe ran off!

I left the new family alone for a while and took some pictures of their flock friends.

This Texel mother and son pair look almost identical.

A cute Mule.

What a cute Mule family.

A bold Suffolk cross and her lamb.

I always get distracted by Mules.

This lamb has a kink in her tail.

Meanwhile Cheeky Ewe had wandered off, leaving her lamb safely snoozing on the side of the hill.

The bystanders were curious.

Where's mum?

Cheeky Ewe wasn't far away and came over to check that he was alright. She wasn't very happy with me being so close.

She wanted him to get up and come with her and even tried pawing at him to get him up.

She left, but Cheeky Lamb was obviously a bit tired.

She stood at the top of the hill, called for him, and eventually he got up and joined her. After that I left them to it.

I think that's lambing done now.

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