2 July 2020

Off Duty

Once upon a time I took photos of the dogs on walks all the time. Sometime along the way I stopped doing this but every now and again I bring the camera along once again to capture some of the fun of walkies.

Susan is Fly's shadow - she follows her everywhere.

There is much running and then both will stop, and usually Susan ends up sitting on top of Fly.

Fly playfully tries to get the lump of Susan off...

...And then the chasing begins again!

Even Jess joined us, albeit from a safe distance.

Watching these two is a lot of fun!

Meanwhile Teddy just wandered around. He's beginning to feel his age and isn't running quite as fast as he used to.

Always a poser, our Ted.

Leave the running to silly youngsters.

Putting on the charm.

Hello, Jess.

What fun!

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