24 July 2020

Queen Connie

Connie always comes running when she sees me, closely followed by her brother Caldwell.

Caldwell's horns are getting so big!

This big stone has sat here for as long as I remember. Connie has claimed it as her own (Caldwell is yet to work out how to jump onto it).


The Penny family - Cleland, Penny and Carol.

Coco. Poor girl had some maggots and we had to shave a patch of her bum but thankfully I spotted them quickly enough and all is well!

Lovely Tilly.

Cleland isn't as quiet as his sister but he came over and got quite close.



Penny and Carol.

Everyone else went back to grazing but Tilly followed me to the gate as she always does.

I said hello to Blue Belle in the garden on my way to the house.

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