19 August 2020

Adam's Arrival

My dad and I went to pick up Adam one morning at the end of July. As soon as I saw my friend Natalie's Border Leicester had had twins, a boy and a girl, I knew I would love to get the boy. While his twin Alice has a home for life with Natalie and her flock, Adam will be here, hopefully for a good long while.

That first jump out of the trailer is a daunting one. 


I left him for a few hours to settle in, and then that afternoon I went to check on him.

But first I had to find him in amongst all of our lambs from this year. It was surprisingly difficult. Cheeky Ewe, however, sticks out like a sore thumb.

She had her lamb, Cheeky Lamb, in tow.

The pair look very alike.

Everyone was enjoying some afternoon grazing.

I had moved on but Cheeky Ewe and Cheeky Lamb followed me. They weren't finished posing for the camera yet.

This is one of the first lambs born this year. Looking good!

At last I spotted him. Adam was at the brow of the hill, grazing with some new friends.

He came over when he saw me and started shouting at me for taking him away from home and his mummy.

Two Suffolks looked on in confusion.

Having heard enough, I went to photograph some of the other lambs.

This Mule lamb is one of my favourites from this year. So handsome!

Our only Suffolk/Kerry Hill. He looks great.

This one has got something stuck in its teeth.

Enjoying the summer grass.

By the time Adam was in my sights again, he was having a rest.

The other lambs thought he was a bit strange looking and came over for a sniff.

Cheeky Ewe didn't want to be left out.

Once you see the ears he stands out from the crowd.

He went back to his lying down, only to be annoyed by more curious lambs.

Welcome to your new home, Adam!

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  1. I wish we could get BLs like yours over here! Those ears... I just can't get enough :-D.