2 August 2020

Walk the Pony

As the grass at the moment is very lush, Blue Belle is spending her summer in the garden where I can better control her diet to prevent a case of laminitis. While there's ample room in the garden for her, she still enjoys the chance to get out for a walk (and of course some fresh grass).

Before our walk I picked out her hooves and gave her a wee brush. This is the first time I've gotten proper photos of her navy and rose gold BioThane headcollar and lead set. Doesn't it suit her so well?

I bought her a name tag to match.

I didn't make her wait much longer before leading her to the field of long grass in front of the house. Blue Belle was keen to get stuck in! After a diet of hay and pony nuts, this is a lovely treat.

She couldn't eat fast enough! We stopped a few times on our walk for photos.

Back to the best part of the walk - eating.

She's so pretty in her summer coat.

The lead I made has clips at both ends so you can do this.

Blue Belle was too busy eating to run away.

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