20 September 2020


With their lambs long weaned, and their attentions therefore no longer divided, the pet ewes have but one thing on their minds: food. As soon as they see me now, it's a mad dash to check whether I have anything of value in my pockets. Tilly is always the first to come running but Rosie is always second.

Poundland the Suffolk tip has joined the girls and Adam. He has grown into a huge boy since we got him as a lamb last year. The Suffolk is one of my favourite breeds (incidentally this applies to horses too) so I am hoping for some black-faced, chunky, floppy-eared babies next year.

Adam, meanwhile, is Poundland's opposite in almost every way. I fear he is just too small to father any babies this year, but I'm keeping him in with the flock on the off chance. By next year hopefully he'll be a strapping great lad.

I fancied some of these photos in black and white. I used to do quite a lot of black and white but in the last year or so I haven't bothered as much. I love colourful photos but a high contrast black and white photo can be great too.

Adam and Poundland look very well.

Rosie grazing. She has lovely eyes. Very bright and expressive.

Penny is a difficult sheep to photograph. To me she is beautiful but the camera doesn't flatter her. It's my hope to get a pretty photo of her before Christmas.

Rosie again. Without her lambs to worry about she has put on a lot of weight again. She's getting back to her usual self.

Flora in the long grass.

Poundland again. He's not a quiet sheep compared to the Texel tip we have, but he follows my girls as they run over to me and then stands a safe distance away, confused.

I don't often go in here as I want to avoid getting a headbutt from Mister Poundland here.

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