22 September 2020

A Close Shave

During the summer Teddy made a visit to the vet. His coat is naturally very dense and Teddy doesn't like me brushing him, so his bottom, tummy and hips had become badly matted. We went first to a dog groomer's but Teddy wasn't having it and became, as I suspected he would, anxious and snappy. The decision was made to take him to the vet. They were able to take him within twenty minutes and just a few hours later I got my Teddy back, clean shaven and a wee bit dopey from the lingering effects of the anaesthetic.

But my goodness, when those effects wore off, he was a different dog. While he hadn't been morose before, but you could tell he was much happier. There was a bounce to his step. Everyone who has met him since has reacted with shock when told that no, he's not a puppy, he is in fact nine-years-old.

A new Ted!

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